Loch Lyle Music Publishing & Muse Picholine Media

Loch Lyle Music Publishing (ASCAP) & Muse Picholine Media are New York City-based sister companies which produce musical, cinematic, and new-media works. The Companies were founded in 2005, to showcase emerging talents in music and film. In 2010, the Companies moved from Nashville to New York City, the epicenter of live entertainment. Projects currently in development include a new original musical, “Parallel Lines”. The Companies are also in talks to co-produce two independent films.

The sister companies’ production logo has appeared since 2010. It features the companies’ muse, Picholine, a symbol of the companies’ mission to create and support timeless, classic works of art. In the companies’ crisp, black-and-white film identity, the muse Picholine is found within an olive grove, strumming her harp.